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SMSF’s can offer a wide range of investment opportunities and flexibility and give you the satisfaction of having control over your own superannuation funds, however with the constant changes to legislation the burden of compliance can be overwhelming. The consequences of breaching the rules can be financially crippling so it is important that you are well informed and your SMSF is compliant. We can help you achieve this. We use the latest technology to manage your fund which allows us to monitor transactions for compliance in real time and we routinely attend seminars to keep up to date with rules and tax saving strategies. Our external auditor has fixed rates and our fees are also very competitive so you will never be overcharged for our SMSF services.

With our self managed super funds services, we help you keep informed and up to date of the complicated and everchanging legislation that it is so burdensome on trustees. We can offer advice on regulations and take care of the tax compliance. We can identify areas for attention or concern where the rules may be in danger of being breached and we can offer you some general advice on tax planning strategies to make the most of the concessions available to superannuation funds.

Our SMSF Services includes:

  • Establishment of SMSF
  • Reviewing Super Performance
  • SMSF Compliance & Audits
  • Transfer Balance Account Reports (TBARS)
  • Maintaining Fund records
  • Advice on the SIS Act 1993 and changes to legislation
  • Update Fund Deeds
  • Trustee’s Minutes
  • SMSF ASIC Compliance
  • SMSF Tax Returns