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Organising your personal finances can be a difficult process, especially if you receive income from multiple sources including rental properties and other investments. Knowing what deductions and allowances you qualify for can be a ‘Pandora’s box! .Let us guide you through this so you can be content that you have met your obligations and not paid more tax than you needed to. This can all be done online or in person to suit your needs.

We can point you in the right direction if we identify an opportunity that may be advantageous to you or that you might be missing out on. You may be entitled to a Centrelink benefit and not be aware of it. It is a discussion that is worth having, so please give us a call.

Small Business:

Whether you run a café, an IT business, mechanic workshop, hair salon, local shop or refrigeration business, you probably have enough on your plate without having to worry about the burden of bookkeeping and tax compliance. Let us take care of this for you with our cloud solutions which make BAS and tax management easy. We can take the stress out of your tax compliance obligations – so you have more time to do what you do best.

Starting up a new business or buying an existing business – chat to us first and we can give you advice on the best structure to operate under as this has huge implications for the future and can be difficult and costly to change if the structure you choose does not allow for future growth and changes in circumstances. From a tax perspective there are many considerations that you may not even be aware of so it is hugely important that you get this right from the start and get the correct advice.

Self Managed Super Funds:

SMSF’s can offer a wide range of investment opportunities and flexibility and give you the satisfaction of having control over your own superannuation funds, however with the constant changes to legislation the burden of compliance on Trustees can be overwhelming. The consequences of breaching the rules can be financially crippling so it is important that you are well informed and your SMSF is compliant. We can help you achieve this. Our SMSF specialist team uses the latest technology to manage your fund which allows us to monitor transactions for compliance in real time and we regularly attend seminars to keep up to date with rules and tax saving strategies. Our external auditor has fixed rates and our fees are also very competitive so you will never be overcharged for our SMSF services.